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How To Use Facebook For Marketing Your Small Business

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Fri, May 13, 2011 @ 09:07 AM

facebook-marketing-strategy-choosing-the-right-business-pagesThe Facebook Phenomenon

These days almost everyone can be found on Facebook. You can message Mom, Grandma, and your third cousin in China. Did you know you can use Facebook for Business?

Facebook for Business?

Facebook is capable for much more than keeping up with your friends and playing games. The shear size of the total network is mind boggling.

Many businesses have discovered the benefits of connecting a wider variety of potential clients and customers through social media.

Facebook has some awesome tools that make it a good place to start building an on line presence.

Largest Social Network in the World

Facebook is now approaching nearly 700 million active users. An alternative to traditional websites, using Facebook's FREE pages is a great way for businesses to connect with customers.

By utilizing the huge resource of customer demographics, a business can easily connect their product with an interest category to target potential customers.  Oh, and did I mention free?

Where do you start?

How do you decide what type of pages?

Types of Facebook Pages

Facebook has a variety of available pages, other than the standard, personal profile.

Community Pages

A community page is maintained by the Facebook community, meaning users can add and edit information about the business.
  • Auto Generated

    • When community pages were first created, they were auto generated from information on user pages and are auto-populated with info from Wikipedia and other sites.

  • No Owner Control

    • Unfortunately, the community pages are not yet moderated, and businesses have no control over what information shows up on the page.

    • Essentially, Facebook can create a page with your company logo and information about your company, but give you no control over its content.

  • Watch for Negative Information

    • It is important to keep an eye on the content on that page. Although many pages remain blank, it is possible for negative information to end up there.

Official Pages

  • Owner Controlled

    • Most businesses opt for an official page, where the maintenance of the page can be controlled only by the page’s owner.

  • Basic Company Information

    • The page can contain basic info about your business, including contact information, and can link the user to more detailed information including website and other social profiles.

  • Answer Questions

    • As Facebook is a social media site, the page can also be used to answer questions or address concerns giving the business the ability to respond immediately to problems. 

  • Get Customer Feedback

    • Customer feedback is critical to the success of companies today.  Utilizing immediate customer feedback, businesses can make decisions before it is too late. 

    • Many people find this to be a helpful way to choose among competing businesses.

  • "Share" - Online Word of Mouth

    • Another helpful feature of business pages is the ability to “share” the link with friends.  The sharing concept can be considered online word of mouth advertising. 

    • Word of mouth has always been a welcome form of advertisement.  Now the share button gives your fans the ability to spread word of mouth online.

Where to Start?

Click me

Facebook is just one of the Social Networking mediums that you should consider for your web marketing strategy.  It can be a bit overwhelming to put it all together. 

We can help you sort it out.  An integrated web marketing strategy is the only way to be sure that you are able to be found online. 

Go here to get a FREE 30 minute consultation with me, Jimmy Hovey, on how to integrate Facebook into your new or existing web marketing strategy.

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