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How to Use Web Analytics to Tell if Your Website is a DEAD Zombie

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Sat, Apr 23, 2011 @ 07:00 AM

Grading your website...

Internet marketing has a bit of mystery surrounding it.  There areinternet-marketing-strategies-for-small-business-internet-reporting many out there who don't like to take the time to explain exactly how to create an effective website that generates consistent leads. 

You don't need an expert to tell you the effectiveness of your website.  Give yourself a grade.  Just take a minute and think about it.

How many leads from your website?

You simply need to ask yourself:

"How many leads come from my website?"

  • Is your answer 0?  Well, you unfortunately have flunked. You get an F (this will likely cover about 90% of the readers). 

  • Is your answer more than 5?  Better....but still shaky. 

  • How about 10 +?  Is that more like it, well how about a C ?

  • Maybe your above 20?  Hmmm...much, much better maybe a B+?

  • Above 50 leads per month? You are a rockstar......A+. 

What is your Website Grade?

Beyond grading your website for leads, the ultimate grade comes from the amount of dollars you generate from your website. 

This doesn't have to be a retail site either.  I am talking about any site. 

So if you are good enough to get an A or B, there is still more to consider. 

Enough leads, but still flunking...

Even if you are getting an A+ for the quantity of the leads, if you are not tracking those leads and nurturing them for future sales, then you would still flunk...kind of like doing well on the quizzes but flunking the final exam. 

Any successful website should focus on the following goals:

  1. Developing more attractive traffic to your website.

  2. Converting the traffic to your website to create leads.

  3. Nurturing those leads to the point of conversion.

  4. Measuring and Analyze your progress against your history. 

Is your Website DEAD?

web-page-analytics-is-your-website-a-dead-zombieIf your website is dead, your getting an F or you are a B student and want to convert more, the best place to start making progress is understanding SEO Inbound Marketing. 

Understanding and developing the 4 goals above is the secret to a successful lead generation website.  

Developing this strategy is a long term commitment.  There will be no immediate results to satisfy inpatient bosses.  Patience, patience.  

How About a Real Website Report Card?

Want to find out how your website is really doing?  Click here to get a FREE Website Report Card.  I will show you what is working or what is not working.  I also include a 30 minute consultation to go over our findings. 

Wake up your dead website before your competition wakes their up!

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