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How To Get A Look From Google By Using An On Page SEO Strategy

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Mon, Aug 15, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

On Page SEO Strategy Starts With Keyword Placement

LOOK, Here I am Google!

On page SEO is based on a number of factors that make your site more attractiveseo strategy how to get a look from Google to Google. Developing an SEO strategy will be required if you are going to get your website found.  Being attractive to Google is very important since 70% of Internet searches are done through Google.

Having the knowledge of how to place keywords correctly is the true "key" to Internet marketing.

After all, search engines are blind and can't see your pretty pictures or dynamic designs. There are four areas on your webpage or blog that need attention in order to be fully optimized.

Put Your Keywords In Your Page titles

I know in the past I have always written bold titles at the beginning of my paragraphs. I never paid attention to what is said of them I wanted to get my point across.

This is actually true with SEO strategy too; if you want to get your point across to Google, you need to mention it in the title.

Google sees that as the description of the page. It may take a little thought for your title if you are using a specific keyword phrase, but it only makes sense.  That is IF you are wanting to get your page found. 

Get It In The Headings

I get this question quite often; what the heck is a H1, H2, H3, H for heading?

And... How do I know which one is which?

Each one in HTML language simply indicates what the paragraph or page is all about.

H1 headings are critical to getting your page read by Google if you do not have your keyword phrase, or the right keyword phrase, your page will not be indexed by Google.

The rest of the H titles just simply go down in importance. They provide additional information for Google to understand what your page is all about.

Don't Forget To Mention Your Keyword In Your Content

Keywords must be utilize throughout content. But don't overuse the keyword phrase.

Overuse of the keyword will hurt your ranking because Google will see that you're trying cheat and use loading the page.

Just try to use the keywords to three times within your content.

In The Page URL Address

The URL another perfect opportunity for keyword placement. We all know what our site URL is. The key to understanding the URL is the fact that the URL is the title of your page. It is the first thing the Google looks at.

By having your keyword in the URL, Google will see and understand what your page is about. It's the first thing that Google is going to look at. Be sure to shape your entire page around 1 Keyword or long tailed keyword phrase.

(Tip: if you haven't purchased a URL for your website yet, be sure to do your keyword research first. While it is important to have your company name in your URL, you may find it more important to have the URL reflect the primary keyword that describes your product or service.)

Remember, Google looks at this first. Utilizing the keyword in the URL is a great strategy for generating the right type of traffic and future lead generation for your website.

4 Places, 4 More Chances to Get Found

Using your keywords within the URL, page titles, headings and content, you will be well on your way to getting your site seen. If your site is being visited, the more likely you are to market your product or service. No visitors, no business.

Need Some Help?

Remember report cards in school gave you an idea of how you were doing (or at least your parents could tell)?  POWER4 can do the same thing...let us prepare a report card for your website. 

This will help further refine your seo strategy before you spend too much time or money on your web strategy.

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