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Part 1 Content Strategy: A Skunk, Firetruck & Website the Same?

Posted by Jimmy Hovey on Wed, Mar 16, 2011 @ 07:00 AM

This story actually happened last Friday evening, TRUE Story!

It was so darn funny I couldn't help but try to think about how it relates to web strategy...

"What Stinks?"

It was about 8:45 in the evening, and my wife an I were talking in the home office.  We started to smell something.  We thought something was burning. 

We immediately thought our house was on fire.

We check on our sleeping 2 year old, nothing there.  We looked and looked. We couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from.

After an hour, we figured out that it was coming from a particular spot, but still couldn't identify the source.  But, there was electrical wiring and gas lines in the area so it still caused concern. 

Must be one of them causing the smell. 

Where is that smell coming from?

"Is it Gas?"

Could it be gas?  Don't think so, no reason for the gas to be leaking all of a sudden.

"Is it Electrical?"

Electrical? Hmmm...those types of fires really smell bad..sort of rubbery, nasty smelling.

"Is it A Skunk?

Maybe a skunk?  No...if it were a skunk, the entire house would smell. 

"What the Heck is it?"

There was a smell, but we just couldn't tell which one it was.  About 2 hours had gone by and it just seemed to get worse. 

The smell seemed to be coming from the wall.  So I went to the back porch and tore apart part of the wall...didn't find a fire didn't find the smell. 

What next?

How about smell under the deck?  Seems to be coming from there.  Bent over to smell, and no smell. 

Has to be something, what could it be? 

We just couldn't figure it out. 

It was nearly 11 now and we still hadn't identified where it was coming from.

At this point, we had ripped apart walls, shut of 75% of the electricity in the house and couldn't find it. 

I had determined I would just stay up.  But my wife said "what if we don't wake up?"....uhhhg...okay...2 year old in the house, wife who is afraid of dieing, what do we do now?

The Firetruck..."who else do we call?"


Here we go 911...."Who can come and tell us if what the smell is in our house?", my wife asked. 

The operator said the fire department does that.  "Oh....ok I guess we need them to come and help us out...better safe than sorry", we really didn't know what else to do.  

My wife and I talked back and forth and said "well hopefully they just come in a pickup....",

HA, ya right!

They came... 2 (BIG) Firetrucks (Yes, picture above is the REAL Firetruck....2 year old thought it was too coo!!) and 8 fireman to help us determine where our smell was coming from.

They fired up their site lights and literally lit the entire neighborhood.  I thought to myself,  "...I bet the neighbors are wondering what is going on."

Well, they got out their thermal imaging camera to see if there was a fire in the wall.  No hot spots there, which is good. 

Then 2 Fireman in full gear, respirators, gas detector and thermal imaging camera go off into our house to scan for problems. "Please wipe your feet.....", mmm not going to happen. 

They took all the precautions just in case. 

It Must Be A Skunk...OMG..."can't believe we called the Fire Department.."

What did they find?

Nothing...notta...they determined that a skunk either climbed under our deck sprayed and or died.

The smell was so intense that it was almost like a chemical spill.

So what does a smell that we couldn't find that required the Fire Department have to do with content marketing strategy?

Check out Part 2 tomorrow.........


What do you think it has to do with your content marketing strategy? 

Leave us a comment below.

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