Consistently Creating Content Is Crucial To A Successful Website....

....BUT I Hate Writing!!!web content writing seo jimmy hovey

You may hate to write, but in order to bring customers to your website, you have to create content.  Creating content means you need to be writing, essentially becoming an online publisher.  Content appears in many forms and includes web pages, e-books, blog posts, white papers, press releases, video, how-to's and other types of reference material. 

While that list may seem overwhelming, you must have these 4 elements in place to successfully bring potential customers to your website:

1st Element-Web Pages

At a minimum, you should have at least 5 pages to your website.  Be sure to find your top keyword phrases for your industry or local area at utilize them throughout your website, but not TOO much. 

  1. Home Page
  2. Services
  3. Blog
  4. About Us
  5. Contact Us

2nd Element-Blog Posts

Blogging is the best way to add pages to your site.  Every blog that you create becomes an indexed page with Google.  The more indexed pages you create, the more opportunities your customers have to find you online. 

The best part of blogging is that you control it, not some webmaster or outside person. You can add content when YOU want to add content without making a phone call.  Before I had a blog, I had 6 indexed pages, Now I have over 500 indexed pages mainly because of blogging.

3rd Element-Landing Pages

Landing pages are created to help direct your customer where you want them to go.  By creating a landing page, you are able to track the popularity of an offer your company may have. 

Landing pages are also a great opportunity to gain indexed pages.  By using the correct keyword combinations, your landing pages can become searchable via the Google crawlers. 

4th Element-Calls To Action

One of the biggest downfalls of most websites is that they don't ask their customers to do anything or take any action.  Calls to action allow you to provide direction to your web visitors so you can share your valuable information. 

Many online marketing software platforms allow you to do A/B testing of your calls to action.  You never know what is going to resonate with your customer base.  By testing A version against B version, you are able to select the call to action that is doing the best job for you. 

But How Do I Get IT All Done?

Writing content and marketing that content online can be a daunting process.  I know, because I not only teach others how to get their website found online, but I also use the same strategy (….that’s how you ended up here….)

It drove me crazy to be held hostage to a webmaster and the reality was that I was not generating any traffic to my website. 

I had to take action and learn how to do it myself.  It took me nearly a year to really understand how to make all of the required actions work together.  What did I learn…..I should have started sooner.

I consult several businesses and operate one myself.  I realized that it would have been nice to have someone help me out, get me to the results sooner. 

I can sympathize with the stress and lack of time you have to do just one more thing.  It’s not fun, believe me, but it is rewarding when your website starts working. 

Give me 30 minutes, we will take a look at your site and I will leave you with 5-10 actionable items you can do to improve the results you get from your website right now.  No obligation, really, I am happy to help you any way I can.  

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